Happy Spring & Another Packaging Update

Hello spring! The dull, yellow blanket of pollen is mostly gone here in the southern US and we’re in that brief, magical season where there are no mosquitos and low (for us) humidity. It’s glorious! Sorry Christmas but to me, this is the most wonderful time of the year, at least until fall.

With the STILL ongoing supply chain issues, I’ve made some packaging changes to help keep costs down. Unfortunately, we must bid glass farewell for now. It’s simply too expensive to ship and when coupled with rising material and fuel costs, and high breakage rates during shipping to me and to you, it was just not affordable- shockingly unaffordable actually. I hope to reconsider this in the future as market conditions change and will update here accordingly.

In addition to returning to recyclable PET packaging, I’ve changed the sizes of most of the line. Many things have doubled in size- but not in price. If you’re an existing Ablutions customer, I think you’ll appreciate the value of the new larger sizes. If you’re a new customer, the larger travel sizes are a very affordable way to try products. Offering larger sizes also helps reduce packaging so you’ll save money and reduce the amount of packaging that needs to be recycled. Win/win!

Be well!