My name is Monica and I am the creator of Ablutions, a handmade line of botanical skin care and bathing rituals created from certified organic and naturally sourced ingredients. Ablutions is the result of my many years of work as an esthetician and spa owner, my passion for handmade, wholesome skin care products and my obsession with all things related to spas and bathing. The word ‘ablutions’ refers to the act of washing or cleansing the body and is often used when describing ritualistic bodily purification before prayer or meditation.

Ablutions is a complete line of facial and body care products, formulated for use in treatment rooms of spas and skin care studios, and for home use. I created this line to offer my clients products that are natural, effective, luxurious and affordable, a combination I was unable to find in the marketplace.

All Ablutions products are vegetarian, most are vegan and we don’t perform or support animal testing. Additionally, we don’t use artificial fragrance or colorants, parabens, sulfates or phthalates. While striving to use the most natural ingredients around, we do use some safe synthetics to enhance the feel and performance of certain products and in many cases, to extend the shelf life and stability. This combination of nature and technology ensures safe, consistent products that smell, feel and work beautifully.

I hope you’ll enjoy using Ablutions products as much as I enjoy creating them.


Monica Shelton