Bergamot Micro-Buffing Cream


Enjoy a smoother, brighter complexion with this creamy, preservative-free variation of our popular microdermabrasion facial polish. 

4oz jar $36.00


1oz jar $12


*Please note the size of this product is now twice the volume of the previous version.


Enjoy a smoother, brighter complexion with this preservative-free version of our popular microdermabrasion facial polish. This skin-refining formula improves skin texture, helps even discoloration from sun damage and acne scars, smooths fine lines and increases absorption, leading to healthier, more hydrated skin.

This product is appropriate for all skin types. However, check with your dermatologist first if using prescription peeling products.

vegan | not test on animals | phthalate free | paraben free | preservative free

4oz | 114g in recyclable PET jar