A Belated Happy 2021 and Updates on Ongoing Packaging Issues

Welcome to the new year! Yes, I’m a little late but after the past crazy year, I’m going to give myself some grace on my tardiness. I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Packaging issues- 2020 showed me how truly fragile our supply chains are. I wasn’t able to get many packaging items and even some raw materials throughout most of 2020. It’s getting better but very slowly. Going forward, I’ll be looking carefully at packaging and ingredients and try to source as much domestically as possible. I’ve always been vigilant about the purity and sourcing of every ingredient that goes into my jars and bottles but and I have learned (the hard way) that it’s equally important to look at the source of the jars, bottles and various caps and pumps themselves. You might see some packaging changes as I figure this out. I’ll update each product on the website with packaging changes if and when they take place.

Shipping issues- USPS has unfortunately become VERY slow and aren’t updating tracking consistently. I expected this during the holidays but it hasn’t improved much so far this year. I hope USPS can get it together soon. They’ve always been fast and reliable in the past and I look forward to their glorious return to form.

Thank you for your patience and understanding over the past months with these issues.

I’ll be back soon with news about some things I’ve been working on.