Mea culpa, or sometimes organic isn’t better

I have an apology to make to fans of the now discontinued Cranberry Licorice Foaming Cleanser. I had to make a slight formulation change due to supply issues with a key ingredient. However, rather than find a substitute ingredient, I felt the need to reinvent the wheel. In my admittedly overzealous quest to make new products as organic as possible, I decided to start from scratch and create a new organic face wash. Sounds great so far, right? Except surfactants (the ingredients that make cleansers work) are fickle and organic surfactants are still relatively new and VERY fickle so it was going to be a challenge. I eventually came up with a formulation that was stable, featuring a wonderful active ingredient, sugar cane extract, launched Organic Sugar Cane Foaming Cleanser and thought that was the end.

Except you didn’t love it. Many of you called and emailed to say that it was ok but Cranberry Licorice was so much better and I tried to talk you (and myself!) into learning to love it. However, to be honest, I became less happy about it pretty quickly. I didn’t want to admit that my new organic foaming cleanser wasn’t awesome. I loved the active ingredients but I didn’t love the organic surfactants’ performance, the way they rinsed or what they did to my beloved citrus essential oils that scented it. Well, I’m admitting that it wasn’t even close to awesome and I blew it! I’m really sorry!

The good news is I’ve replaced it with what I feel really is a worthy successor to Cranberry Licorice Foaming Cleanser. Introducing Sugar Cane Renewing Facial Cleanser. I honestly love it! The base formula is essentially the same as Cranberry Licorice Foaming Cleanser but the active ingredients make it even better for brightening and promoting cell turnover thanks to the aforementioned sugar cane extract. It’s excellent for all skin types and I honestly think you’ll all love it too. If not, you know my guarantee, love it or return it, no problem! I’m going through previous orders and contacting those of you who’ve purchased the Organic Sugar Cane Cleanser and sending out complementary replacements of the new Sugar Cane Renewing Facial Cleanser. If I missed you, let me know. For everyone else, I’m shipping all orders with free samples of the new cleanser so you can try it too.

It’s never fun admitting when one makes a mistake but your trust in me and Ablutions to care for your skin means so much more than having to endure a little embarrassment and make a public apology. Your feedback is invaluable to me and as you can see, makes a difference. Thank you for your trust and thank you for your honesty.