Happy New Year & Dry Winter Skin

Hello! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and life is getting back to some degree of normalcy. It’s been quite hectic around here, which led to my lack of updates here. I moved and expanded my holistic skin care practice in August and then suddenly it was Christmas! How does that happen? Now we find ourselves in winter and as I write this, snow is falling here in North Carolina. The snow is lovely but it brings with it a very common winter skin challenge- dry, itchy skin. I want to share some ways to support and comfort your dry skin this time of year internally and externally…

Increasing your fluid intake with water, fresh juice or herb teas can make a tangible difference. I love caffeine as much as anyone but it can dehydrate you so try to offset it with extra liquids. The same goes for cocktails.

Including a bit more fat in your diet this time of year in the form of nuts, avocados, olives, coconut oil and other healthy fats can be helpful as well. Did you know your brain is about 60% fat? It needs more than lattes and energy drinks to thrive so feed your skin and your brain and up the flavor in your meals. Asparagus with hollandaise anyone?

Exfoliation is extremely beneficial in the winter, both for face and body. I tell clients to think of exfoliation as exercise for the skin. It gets the blood and lymph flowing and helps skin glow. It also allows creams and oils to penetrate more easily, allowing you to get more out of your products and brighten your skin tone.

External hydration is crucial this time of year. Just as you layer clothing in cool weather, layering moisturizers is very effective. For example, if you use serum and face cream daily, you might need a bit more comfort and protection in winter months. Adding a light application of Hibiscus Buttercream over your regular moisturizer can supercharge it and really buffer the skin from seasonal dehydrators like indoor heat, fireplaces and wind chapping. Alternately, add a dab with a pump of your regular moisturizer and mix them in your palms before you apply to your face if you prefer a lighter feel.

For dry, itchy body skin, nothing feels as rich as Orange Blossom Buttercream. It’s my favorite product right now and I think you’ll love it too so it’s on sale- 28% off* through February! I’m also including an adorable travel size of Microdermabrasion Body Polish with every Orange Blossom Buttercream order so you can experience the synergistic effect of the two together. Not only will your skin be softer and more comfortable, but it will feel amazing to the touch.

Happy hydrating!

*28% because it makes for a nice, round number of $18