Lotus & Coconut Milk Mask Price Drop


Great news- thanks to a recent slightly lower raw materials cost, I’ve just lowered the price on Lotus & Coconut Milk Balancing Treatment Mask from $16 to $15. As an added bonus, the new jar holds an additional .25oz of product, giving you 5 extra mask applications.

If you’ve ever wondered how many applications you get from a jar, or why I don’t state in on the jar, it’s simply because it depends entirely on how generously it’s dispensed by the end user. If one uses a generous scoop, as instructed on the jar, you’d get about 45-50 applications. Obviously, some use more, some use less, so it’s subjective. However, at $15 per jar, estimating usage conservatively at 45 applications, it only costs you 33 cents per use.

Now go forth and mask!